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Ribeye (2pk)

Each 2 pk is about 1 lb total.

If you're a steak lover, you know that the ribeye is the king of cuts. It's marbled with rich flavor, incredibly tender, and delivers simply unmatched satisfaction. But not all ribeyes are created equal. Here at Patton Land and Cattle, we're proud to offer grass and grain-finished ribeyes that are a cut above the rest.

What Makes Our Ribeyes So Special?

  • Grass-fed:  Our cattle are raised on a fresh, nutrient-rich grass diet. This natural diet gives our meat a superior flavor profile and a higher concentration of healthy fats like omega-3s.
  • Humanely raised: We believe that happy cows make better steaks. That's why we prioritize the humane treatment of our animals.
  • Expertly butchered: Our ribeyes are hand-cut by skilled butchers for maximum flavor and tenderness.

The End Result: A Steak Experience Like No Other

When you buy our grass and grain-finished ribeyes, you're not just getting a steak; you're getting an experience. Each bite is a burst of flavor and tenderness that will leave you wanting more.


Customer Reviews


Meat tasted amazing, even my picky eaters loved it! High quality, and friendly fast service. You can tell they take pride in their product. Would highly recommend.


We just had the tbones for supper and they were so good!!! Seared them medium rare on the grill with garlic herb butter. Meat was tender and juicy and so flavorful! Highly recommend these folks!!!