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Local Grass-Fed Beef

Ditch the mystery meat from the supermarket and savor the quality and flavor of locally-raised, grass-fed beef delivered straight to your door.

Why buy from a family run farm near you?


Don’t leave your health up to luck. Grass-fed beef is naturally higher in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals while lower in saturated fat and cholesterol. It’s a delicious way to nourish your body with the good stuff.


Enjoy gnawing on leather? Experience the difference of true grass-fed beef. Our cattle graze freely on nutrient-rich pastures, resulting in meat with a deeper, richer flavor and marbling you won’t find in conventional supermarket options.


We’re not pricks. Buying local grass-fed beef directly benefits small farms in your community, promoting sustainable agricultural practices and preserving precious farmland.


Build trust with your food. Purchase directly from the farmers who raise your beef so that you can feel confident about the quality and care behind every cut.

Customer Reviews


“Grass fed beef is actually one of the healthiest foods on the planet despite what they say. The Patton's grass fed beef plays a vital role in our family's lives.”


“Not going to lie, we had some concerns about ordering meat online. I am so glad we gave it a try! Their steaks are easy to cook, quick, and taste amazing.