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Forget dry chops and boring burgers – the grass-fed oxtail revolution is here to serenade your senses with a deep, beefy melody in every bite! These bone-in beauties, cut from the tail base, simmer into melt-in-your-mouth, ultra-flavorful masterpieces that’ll hum you for days. Raised on lush pastures and finished on 100% grass, our oxtails offer an irresistible indulgence that satisfies your primal cravings and your health-conscious side.

Why Go Oxtail? Buckle Up for Symphony of Flavor:

  • Flavor Fiesta: Experience the difference grass-fed makes! Rich, complex taste infused with hints of bone marrow, collagen, and char, thanks to their marbling and slow-cooking magic. Prepare to be wowed by every soul-warming sip.
  • Tender Transformation: Don’t let the “tail” part fool you! Properly braised oxtails, whether in stews, soups, or ragùs, transform into falling-off-the-bone, fork-tender bliss. Tenderness so good, it’s a concerto for your taste buds!
  • Budget Bonanza: Ditch the hefty price tags of fancy cuts. Oxtails offer restaurant-quality flavor without breaking the bank. Feed the whole tribe (and maybe the neighbors) without depleting the royal treasury!
  • Healthy Hero: Skip the guilt, savor the goodness! Grass-fed beef is naturally leaner and higher in Omega-3s, making indulgence a win-win for your taste buds and health. Eat like a caveman; feel like a champion!
  • Culinary Canvas: From classic French stews and Italian ragùs to Asian-inspired pho and Korean mandu guk, these versatile tails adapt to any culinary canvas. The possibilities are endless: Braise, slow-cook, simmer, or pressure cook!

Unlocking the Oxtail’s Inner Magic:

  • Low & Slow Hero: Embrace the low and slow methods for ultimate tenderness and rich flavor. Braise in flavorful liquids for hours, letting the magic of time and collagen weave its spell. Patience is a virtue (and it rewards you with divine broth and melt-in-your-mouth meat)!
  • Spice Symphony: Don’t shy away from bold flavors! Star anise, smoked paprika, or Korean gochujang can give your oxtail a kick you’ll crave. Let the taste buds tango!
  • Bone Up on Basics: Leave the bones in! They add flavor, depth, and collagen to your broth. Plus, gnawing on them is a primal pleasure we won’t judge.
  • Bonus Tip: Don’t overcook! Aim for an internal temperature of 195°F for pull-apart perfection. Remember, less is more when it comes to tenderness and preventing dryness!


Customer Reviews


Meat tasted amazing, even my picky eaters loved it! High quality, and friendly fast service. You can tell they take pride in their product. Would highly recommend.


We just had the tbones for supper and they were so good!!! Seared them medium rare on the grill with garlic herb butter. Meat was tender and juicy and so flavorful! Highly recommend these folks!!!