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Forget store-bought smoke rings and dry, tough cuts – grass-fed brisket is your ticket to real Texas BBQ. This marbled masterpiece from ethically raised, pasture-grazed cattle delivers deep, complex flavor and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness that'll have your guests crowning you king (or queen) of the grill.

Why Go Grass-Fed Brisket? Buckle Up for Flavor:

  • Flavor Fiesta: Experience the difference grass-fed makes! It has a richer, deeper taste with hints of sweetness and umami, thanks to natural marbling and healthy fats. Prepare to be wowed.
  • Tender Transformation: Low and slow is the way to go! Slow-cooked over low heat, this brisket transforms into a fall-apart, buttery-soft masterpiece that begs to be devoured. No fork is needed, just pure bliss.
  • Healthy Hero: Skip the guilt, savor the goodness! Grass-fed beef is naturally leaner and higher in Omega-3s, making indulgence a win-win for your taste buds and body.
  • BBQ Chameleon: From classic Texas-style smokes to bold brisket tacos; this versatile cut adapts to any culinary creation. Experiment, explore, and conquer your grill.
  • Crowd-Pleasing Powerhouse: Feed the party with one incredible cut! A properly cooked brisket boasts enough juicy goodness to satisfy even the hungriest crew. Prepare for applause.


Customer Reviews


Meat tasted amazing, even my picky eaters loved it! High quality, and friendly fast service. You can tell they take pride in their product. Would highly recommend.


We just had the tbones for supper and they were so good!!! Seared them medium rare on the grill with garlic herb butter. Meat was tender and juicy and so flavorful! Highly recommend these folks!!!